In the South, this time of year is known for heat, mosquitoes, watermelon, and sweet tea. These things haven’t changed over the years….or have they?

I don’t remember it being quite so hot when I was young. I wonder if it’s my memory that’s off or was it my internal thermostat? Even in today’s heat my grand kids would much rather play outside than indoors.

When I was a teenager, summer mornings were spent working in my grandparents’ garden. I remember rows and rows of vegetables. There were peas to pick, potatoes to dig, squash, tomatoes, pole beans and fruit trees. How did they do it? Plowing, planting, hoeing, weeding and whatever else took place in the heat of the day to make a garden grow. Am I the only one who had to shell peas in order to watch t.v.? I had purple thumbs for weeks! Now, most vegetables are purchased at the store or the Farmer’s Market. Are there any Grandparents that still grow a garden? Any that still can and preserve? Something I wish I had paid more attention to. It seems that when we have the time to learn things, we don’t have the interest, And when we have the interest, we don’t have the time? Now it all seems like a lost art….

But we still have watermelon, sweet tea…..And Mosquitoes!!






Today’s Energy Crisis

Grandparents today are not what they used to be. Back in “the Day”, most of us had grandparents that stayed at home, their working days behind them. They occupied their time with gardening, crafting, cooking, homemaking, and grandchildren.

Today’s grandparents can’t imagine such a life. Most of us still work full or part-time jobs and struggle just to keep the laundry done! It seems that the age of grandparents is getting younger but the age we can afford to retire is getting older! Whats up with that?

How many grandparents out there are in their 50’s and 60’s and get to stay home and not work? And how do you do it?

I currently work a full-time job, Monday – Friday. On weekends there are the usual household duties; laundry, cleaning, yard work, fixing things, etc….. And as hard as I try to keep up with these things during the week, I just come home too tired. Why doesn’t our energy level as long as our work schedules do?

So, where is our time to enjoy our  grand babies? Those sweet little blessings that are our reward for surviving our kids’ teenage years. And then there are their schedules; school, baseball, dance, soccer or whatever other activities are in season. By the time our schedules allow us to get together, I’m usually too tired to be any fun! I always wanted to be a Fun Grandparent! And sometimes I feel like I’m failing miserably! I need more time, more energy! Or a Clone!!

Psalm 127:3  Children are a gift from the Lord, a reward from him.




Hello there Blog world! I am a 51 year old Grandmother to 3 blessings! I decided to write this blog because “Grandparenting” has changed SO much since I was a child! I thought it would be fun to explore the differences and discuss the things that go on in the modern day world of grandparents. I hope you will join me on this journey and maybe we can learn from each other!