Labor Day

Holiday weekend! How did y’all spend yours?


The Hubs and I bought a small RV last year, so we took a little camping trip to Grenada Lake, MS. I have a family reunion this time every year, so this made us a little closer to the meeting location. Ever been camping with 4 small dogs? Whew, it’s a little bit of a struggle! The best thing we’ve purchased so far, was a puppy play pen. Makes life a lot easier than trying to take them out on leashes! 20170902_201301.jpg


So we arrived at the campground Saturday around noon and got things set up. Sunday lunch was spent visiting family and that afternoon we had my sister, her girls, all our kids and grand-kids at the campsite. That’s 16 people. (and 4 dogs, Lol). We grilled, we ate, we played Uno, and we painted rocks! Yes, I’m serious! Have you heard of “Kindness Rocks”? Well, different places have started their own little groups of rock painters, and Grenada is one!  The concept is to decorate your rocks however you choose, then hide them, posting clues on the corresponding Facebook page for others to find them and either re-hide or keep them. Screenshot_20170903-202154We had so much fun; kids and adults alike! And after all our company had left the campsite I actually got to see some other campers out looking for our rocks. I was so excited, Ha ha! Something so simple was so much fun!  So if your area participates, try it! And if they don’t, Start it! It’s a great way to spark a little creativity, keep the kiddos busy a while, get some exercise and spend time together!

Now, all that being said, this morning we got up, packed up our campsite, headed home, and Crashed! We are exhausted! But I can’t think of a better reason to be so tired!

Happy Labor Day 2017!

Proverbs 22:6  Start children off on the way they should go. and even when they are old they will not turn from it.


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